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"You have given a banner to those who fear you, that it may be displayed because of truth."  Psalm 60:4


    Purpose:  The Baptist Banner seeks to inform its readers and in particular Virginia Baptists concerning the issues and events related to Baptist life from a biblically conservative perspective.   It is presented with the conviction that an informed Christian will be better equipped to reach Christ-honoring decisions through the leading of the Holy Spirit.  The first issue was published in February 1988.

    Relationships:  While fully and enthusiastically supportive of the Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia and of the Southern Baptist Convention, it is important to keep in mind that The Baptist Banner is an independent corporation with its own board of trustees.  Such independence is important to guarantee objectivity in reportage and commentary.

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Seminary in Apostasy April, 2001                           Links

Southern Baptist Differences    (Background about issues in Southern Baptist life.  If you or your church is trying to learn about issues in SBC denominational life, you will find this article and its back-up references very helpful.)

Supply & Interim Pastors      (If your church is looking for an interim or supply pastor, be sure to check this list.  Each of these pastors has assured me that he is a biblical inerrantist.)

Virginia Evangelists   (This page contains the names, postal addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of good evangelists who live in Virginia.)

Suggestions for Pastor Search Committees

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